provides high quality nature images + video + aerial artwork, that are unique & custom to your health & wellness spaces, residential & commercial interior design projects, hospitality venues, and beyond.

We knew we had to do this.
We just had to. We're just two pals who share a profound love of nature, a passion for capturing that spirit through the lens of a camera & the desire to create & share meaningful connections with a positive & healthy impact on the lives of those who need it most.  We are passionate about creating stunning, engaging art that resonates within and has the power to calm, heal, and reconnect a soul to balance. We are elixir images.

As our lives become increasingly urbanized, our connection to nature, natural light, & green spaces is seemingly diminishing.  New approaches to design, advancements in technology, & a whole bunch of research confirms that biophilic design in architecture, combined with art creates strong connections between nature & man-made environments.  From inspiring office workers, encouraging children to learn & retain knowledge, to providing healing & restorative well-being, a sense of tranquility & peace, & better outcomes for patients & clients. 

Besides being exceptionally cool, entertaining, & pretty funny gals (and since we are both Geminis, you get a great deal, like 4 people for the price of 2), we do things a bit differently.  We want your experience to be just that - YOUR experience.  Which means we provide custom images created just for you and your needs.  Sure, you can use any of our hundreds of hi-resolution, stunning images from our own database, but every project is unique & we give you our full focus, attention, & creative design that is based on your location, local flora & fauna, maybe even images of that diner that's been in town for 50 years.  Bottom line - it's your project, and it should reflect your space.

Of course, we need to make an honest living, pay the rent, & all that stuff, & even though we are not a non-profit, we are committed to contributing 50% of our net profits to causes that have directly impacted our lives, our friends, and our families.  We encourage all our clients to think about what is truly important in your life, where you can make a difference, and then give a bit back to it.  For more information on what's near & dear to our hearts, check out our do good page and feel free to participate in our causes as well, or your very own.


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