Sometimes life throws you curveballs, sends you on wild goose chases, and puts you in formidable & daunting situations.  But for those of us fortunate enough to make it through somewhat unscathed, you find that all those twists, turns, and total rollovers, really did drop you right where you are meant to be.  That's where we are now - elixir images.  Oh, and if life hands you lemons, be sure to grab your camera and get a really spectacular close up of them.  

We hate to do it.  Brag that is. But, we’re going to do it anyway.  We have 35+ years of corporate business, training & operations experience AND have multiple documentary & short film cinematography + producing nominations & wins including our girl Emmy.  

We wake up each day, eager to help build & transform the next story through all mediums of imagery. 

Let us help you tell your unique story 


Sue Jereczek

Sue is embracing her passion as a full time photographer & shares her time between Santa Fe, New Mexico & Northern California. After a successful 35 year career in corporate retail operations, she is now focused on living life through the lens and sharing her unique images that connect and capture vivid color and perspectives. Her creative background includes numerous short film & video project credits as cinematographer, writer & producer, including being a member of the acclaimed, Barewitness Films, as well as completing her first novel. 

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Ylonda Viola

Ylonda lives in amongst the waters of the Pacific Northwest & the high desert of New Mexico.  She is most at home while photographing the spirit world in nature. Her images reflect that presence. She has 25 years experience in the film, video, photography, web and publishing industries. Her documentary work earned her an Emmy Award for Producing and an Emmy nomination for Cinematography. 

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