Nature heals. As our lives become increasingly urbanized, our connection to nature, natural light & green spaces is seemingly diminishing.  New approaches to design, advancements in technology & a whole bunch of research confirms that biophilic design in architecture, combined with art creates strong connections between nature & man-made environments.

Elixir Images not only look stunning, they truly can provide healing & restorative well-being with a sense of tranquility & peace to any space. From inspiring office workers to encouraging learning & knowledge retention for children as well as aiding in promoting better outcomes for patients, the power of imagery is simply incredible.

Take some time to relax and enjoy our Image Gallery.

Our images look amazing in all spaces.

Click on the EXPLORE GALLERY link above, for small sampling of images from our vast database. Peruse the gallery (we always suggest sipping some chamomile tea & listening to smooth, relaxing tunes) & when inspiration strikes, please make note of the number on the photos that speak to you (you know what we mean, but if they do actually talk to you, let us know, and we won’t even charge you extra for it! ).
Remember, we are always available for custom, on-location shoots, so you can be assured that we can deliver YOUR vision.

Email or call us, and tell us which ones you love & we’ll get them to our printer who can deliver right to your door in whatever size or material is best for your space(s). If you are stumped, we’ll help you figure it all out. Soon you will be able to order directly from our website, but we’re still working on some of details behind the scenes to get that up and running, very shortly.

We do license our content to corporations, art consultants, designers, real estate home stagers, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and beyond. Drop us a line & we will partner with you on your design needs, pricing & production plans.

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