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Spark Legacy

One of the biggest regrets that folks have after someone passes, is that they didn’t know more about their life & hear all the incredible stories, anecdotes & details from their loved one’s incomparable perspective.  There is no better way to celebrate the true essence & inimitable spirit of your loved one’s life journey, memories, milestones & joys than to depict it in a cinematic compelling vision. 


A Spark Legacy is a mini documentary that serves as a wonderful & exclusive keepsake at any stage in life, whether your loved one is still with us or has passed on. A Spark Legacy is tailored to your & your loved one’s wishes & can be used to highlight a specific accomplishment, interest, or milestone or to reflect & honor the story of a life well-loved & lived.

One of the many distinctive benefits to your investment in a Spark Legacy, is that we will professionally film on-location, an interview with your loved one, as appropriate, to capture some of these stories first hand, in high quality professional video & audio. An incredible tribute and keepsake for you and your loved ones.

A Spark Legacy includes:

  • Professionally filmed on-location Legacy interview(s) with your loved one (as appropriate)

  • Interviews with family & friends providing on-camera anecdotes, memories & stories On-location cinematic footage of key, memorable places & important personal tokens

  • Incorporation of family provided & selected photos & videos

  • Music selection by the family, with our assistance as needed

  • Custom captions as appropriate

  • Multiple digital delivery options, as well as a beautiful custom boxed hard drive for your family archives.